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Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

“Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic blends purifying propolis, healing antimicrobial honey, protective beeswax, revitalizing bee pollen, nourishing royal jelly and moisturizing olive oil to create an all-purpose, all-over healing cream that can be used as a chapped lip remedy, shaving burn care, daily moisturizer, overnight skin nutrition, cold sore relief, cute, scrape and bite relief, after-sun support and rash, burn and scar repair.”

As a blog on a mission to further explore the overlapping areas of beauty and science, I was invited to a Medicine Mama webinar which gave insight into the apothecary and it’s operations. Started by  Donna Steinmann, the “Medicine Mama” to be exact, it is an all natural, artisan line centered around bees and how their biological functions can do wonders for our skin.

The apothecary uses “hive” products and natural oils such as (but not limited to) olive and avocado oils to constitute their line of creams.

What are hive products you may ask? Hive products are the organic substances that are byproducts of the bees’ biological functions. They are:

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Honey-a naturally sweet substance made by bees from the nectar of flowers; honey is made through regurgitation from bees (basically bee throw-up haha…the kid in me likes to come out sometimes). It is used to moisturize skin and it has “anti inflammatory and anti_bacterial” properties.

Beeswax– taken from  honeycombs, beeswax is a substance that can help lock moisture in and helps to keep harmful toxins out. It is often used in cosmetic formulations that require emulsifiers. 

Propolis– a nutrient rich substance harvested from tree resin (sap) in pure form but bees use it with their own secretions to line the hive and honeycombs. Propolis is used for medicinal purposes and is known to have tons of healing properties. 

Royal Jelly– The jelly preserved only for the Queen Bee is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. In cosmetics it can be used to combat wrinkles and as a skin moisturizer.

Bee Pollen– rich in biological substances such as “vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein” comes from the pollen that accumulates on bees and in their saliva.

Learn more about MM’s ingredients here

Here are some fun facts about Mama Medicine’s Apothecary:
-The apothecary makes sure not to heat the products too high in order to not kill the nutrients.
-The apothecary employs “honeybees” 6-7 million to be exact.
-Uses olive oil because it mirrors the dermal oil or the oil closest to the oil our skin releases
-Works for multiple uses including scars and burns , eczema, intimate areas, etc.

One thing I appreciated about Donna during the entire webinar was that there is a real effort to not manipulate the bees’ process and it was emphasized that their products are a gift from nature and are perfect in that regard. Learning about the apothecary and it’s practices has taken me on a journey to learn more about the benefits of bee products. Stay tuned to my followup post going into more detail about the specific benefits of hive products. 

But until then, Medicine Mama is having a promotional giveaway. Please click the link below and join them on facebook to be entered! Good luck!

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