Hey there,

I’m Laura (aka LOLBeauty). I am a native New Yorker currently working in the field of Cancer Research.

My first introduction to cosmetics was during my college days. I would have nail polish study breaks in the library (partly to wake me up during all nighters) and my roommates and I would do each other’s makeup for different parties and events. The weekends would be met with the anticipation of trips to Target, Walmart, or Wegmans just to breeze through the aisles with the beauty products (yes, Wegmans sells makeup). After graduating with my degree in Biomedical Engineering and taking my pre-med requirements, I knew the traditional path that I had worked so hard on building was not the way I truly wanted to go.

A quick post graduation Google search back in 2009 on how to make a hair cream changed my life for ever. I couldn’t believe there was a whole industry of people already formulating and developing products based on science. So I decided to go back to school for higher degree and prepare to work in the field of Cosmetic Chemistry.

Ok, so enough background. What, you ask, is Blush and Beakers going to be about exactly?

Well, after casually blogging for the past year on my Tumblr (no longer active) and getting my feet wet, I wanted to create a space with a dedicated beauty purpose and goal (ahem, I even created a mission statement *yay*)

Blush and Beakers is a blog showcasing a future cosmetic chemist’s take on all things science and beauty, and one’s exploration into the beauty industry by sharing what will be learned through researching certain topics. I want to:

  1. Talk about the science behind the beauty products
  2. Present science and beauty in a fun, fashionable, and chic way.
  3. To do in depth beauty reviews.
  4. To introduce readers to terminology and key ideas that he or she may have not been exposed to.

I love to talk all things beauty! Feel free to email me, at [email protected] or simply fill out the contact form below.