I Hate My Body Hair!
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I Hate My Body Hair!

Having unwanted body hair on various parts of your body are not likable by many people. Both men and women need to take proper care of their bodies as well as facial hairs. They are required to allow their precious time in looking after their irrelevantly grown hair and suffering from excessive hair in entirely dependent upon hormones secreted in our body, especially hormones like androgen and testosterone. Both of these are present in males’ and females’ bodies but secreted in a smaller quantity in a female’s body as compared to men.

I Hate My Body Hair!

Why is excessive hair growth a problem?

Too much hair growth is not considered as a pleasant experience for many individuals. Especially, if lengthy hairs are present in private body parts, such as on underarms or pubic area, they create a lot of issues for women to remove them in busy schedules. On the other hand, men these days are not even aware of the fact that the unwanted and discomforting grown body hair can also be removed entirely through various methods. The best body groomer for men is readily available online and in the retail market too. But women are adequately acquainted with the techniques and products that are presently available in the beauty market. They have full knowledge about how to get rid of unpleasant body hair through numerous methods. Some are quite easy to follow; others can be a bit time-consuming and painful. But it all depends on the tolerance level of the body.

Why your body is facing excessive hair growth?

I Hate My Body Hair!

Certain factors decide which body will have how much hair growth. The factors that determine this thing might be one of the following among these:

Sebum secretion

The sebaceous glands in your body are solely responsible for the flow of sebum, also known as oil in your body. If the sebum is secreted in high amounts, then your skin will be oilier, and it is a much-known fact that oily skin will get more prone to acne as well as hair growth at different body parts.

Poor diet

The food that you eat on a regular basis also determines the growth rate of your body hair that might be causing some issues to you. But taking proper care of your food habits, one can easily control the growth of body hair at unwanted places. Avoid having oily food in large quantities and change your diet to boiled and more nutritious food.

Hormonal disturbance

This issue is a widespread problem all across the globe. Due to climate change, unhealthy food in-takes, increasing stress levels, and many other elements, every seven women in 10 are having hormonal imbalances at a very young age. Some are having fluctuations in estrogen, while others in progesterone. These are the primary hormones in a female’s body. Two primary hormones in a man’s body are follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which might cause severe fluctuations.

Puberty period

When significant hormonal changes are about to begin in a boy’s or girl’s body, that period is known as the puberty period. At this stage of life, many drastic variations occur in their bodies. They start getting unpleasant hair in their upper parts of lips and underarms. These look so untidy and needs to be removed at least twice a month for a better appearance.


This stage occurs in a women’s life in her late 50s. It is a natural phenomenon, just like puberty and menstruation that needs to be looked upon. Fatigue, hair fall, hormonal disturbance are some of the vital symptoms and problems that they will face. They are

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Also referred to as PCOS, this is the primary cause of the rapid growth of hair in women. Undesirable areas like above the lips and chin area. In this disorder, they not only get too much-unwanted hair, but their menstruation cycle also gets disturbed. These symptoms are not at all tolerable by them, and they follow various painful methods of hair removal such as waxing and threading.

How to get rid of these unwanted hairs?

There are various ways through which both men and women can eradicate their body hair, and some might be tricky and time-consuming while some can be easy to apply and follow. There is a list of some methods one can follow for resolving this issue:


This is a permanent method to remove unpleasant body hair from the face, forehead, legs and other parts of the body. But this method can be quite expensive for a middle-class person to go. In this technique, a little harmful radiation is penetrated to your hair follicles through the epidermis, but its effect lasts for only a few years, five years or so.


This method is commonly used and various parts of the world. Frozen wax is melted in a heater and then applied on the skin with the help of a spatula. Then a strip is pasted to the body. The piece is then dragged out with a bit of friction. And then you find your excess hair with that trip. It is known to be a painful experience.


This is a comparatively more relaxed and less messy trick to cut your body hair. Trimmers come with a softer blade. There are many kinds of trimmers made separately for males and females.

I Hate My Body Hair!


Sugaring is the process of taking frozen sugar, it can be flavored, and then the layer is applied directly to the skin where unwanted hairs are grown. It is less painful than the waxing procedure but less messy too.


Threading refers to extracting hair through a thin thread until the desired hair comes out of the follicle. It can only be applied to the areas of eyebrows, upper the lips, and chin area, where there are fewer hairs present.

These were some of the reasons why people do not like their body hair and some of the solutions they can follow to resolve the problem of unpleasant hair.